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The next PM must lead the way for nature's recovery

Nature is in steep decline, with 15% of native animal and plant species now at risk of extinction. Climate change, poor agricultural management, inappropriate development and unchecked pollution are all driving sustained falls in the abundance of species.

As the Conservative Party chooses a new leader, and with it a new Prime Minister for the UK, over 25 nature organisations have come together to ask all candidates to commit to turning round this destruction of nature.

Reversing nature’s decline will avert food insecurity, serious new health threats and grave economic risk. It will bring direct benefits to people and communities, from improved wellbeing to new jobs in rural and former industrial communities.

This is why we are asking all Conservative leadership candidates to commit to

- A net zero, nature-positive economy by 2050, enhancing natural climate solutions to make land use and agriculture ‘net negative’ in greenhouse gas emissions this decade.

- Stop the decline of nature in England by 2030, halting the decline in the abundance of species, protecting at least 30% of land and sea for nature, and accelerating the transition to nature-friendly farming, through: public money for public goods, a bigger overall budget, and high environment and welfare standards.

- End environmental inequality, with equitable access for everyone to a healthy natural environment by 2030 as a core levelling up mission, with: clean air, thriving ecosystems, access to greenspace, and unpolluted rivers.

Please help us to encourage candidates to take-up this pledge to be leaders for our natural world, via our contact page.

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