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Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife and Countryside Link is a unique coalition of 48 voluntary organisations concerned with the conservation and protection of wildlife and the countryside.

Our members practice and advocate environmentally sensitive land management, and encourage respect for and enjoyment of natural landscapes and features, the historic and marine environment and biodiversity. Taken together our members have the support of over 8 million people in the UK and manage over 750,000 hectares of land.



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“Greenpeace values the role that Link plays in convening for wildlife groups in the UK. Without it there would be no common umbrella for the groups engaged to work on issues of common interest” Doug Parr, Chief Scientist and Policy Director, Greenpeace UK

“The National Trust sees Wildlife and Countryside Link as a valued partner in making the case for the importance of the natural environment to politicians and policy makers” Dame Helen Ghosh DCB, former Director General, National Trust

“Wildlife and Countryside Link is a highly effective coalition bringing together a wide range of voices to speak on behalf of the natural environment. In this complex and politically driven world we need our individual voices to find as many ways as possible of coming together to achieve a united powerful and influential champion for the environment” Martin Spray OBE, Chief Executive, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

“The RSPCA appreciates the work of Link as it enables us to work in a broad coalition with many other groups we would not normally liaise with, to give clear hard hitting arguments to government and other policy makers with the backing of millions of supporters” David Bowles, Head of Public Affairs, RSPCA

“The ability of the Wildlife Gardening Forum to engage with the wider body of environmental organisations in the UK - both large and small - is greatly enhanced by membership of Link. Being members enables us to work with these organisations to provide its support to Link campaigns and the responses that Link co-ordinates to national and international consultations” Dr Andrew Salisbury, Chair, Wildlife Gardening Forum

“We are a small/medium sized organisation with a very wide ranging remit. We simply don’t have the resources to keep abreast of all the policy areas that impact on our work and make a meaningful response to each one. Link keep us informed of current policy debates and when and how to influence them. We gain enormously by being able to feed our views in where it most matters to us and review the considered responses proposed by Link so that we can add our support appropriately” Jill Nelson, Chief Executive, Peoples Trust for Endangered Species

“ClientEarth often partners with Link’s members and these partnerships ensure each organisation works together for the best possible environmental outcome. For example, campaigns and research by other Link members can be strengthened through our legal and scientific arguments” Catherine Weller, Wildlife Conservation Project Leader, Client Earth



Much of our work is carried out by specialist Working Groups comprising individuals from a range of relevant member organisations who, collaboratively, develop strategic policy to both form the basis of Link campaigns and influence work within their own organisations.

We currently have ten ongoing Working Groups and one Project Group dedicated to specific set pieces.

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