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Nature 2030 cost analysis

The costs to roll-out our five key Nature 2030 asks, and where these could be funded through existing public spending, is detailed in the following analysis

Wildlife & Countryside Link commissioned Economics for the Environment Consultancy (eftec) to estimate the cost of the five Nature 2030 policy proposals, with the following upfront costs for each policy per year:

Pay rise for nature, 
through an increased and enhanced Environmental Land Management scheme : £2.25 billion
Making polluters pay
, through compulsory climate and nature recovery planning and a polluters levy: £37 million
More space for nature
, through a 30x30 rapid delivery programme: £452 million
Growing green jobs
, through a National Nature Service: £299 million
A Right to a Healthy Environment
, through and Environmental Rights Bill: £114 million

When taking into account existing relevant Government spending this results in a yearly additional cost of just over £3 billion to implement the full Nature 2030 policy programme, to run over the course of the next Parliament.

The full analysis can be found here, with a short summary in the document below.

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