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Mayoral Environment Debate

Recordings from the Mayoral Environment Debate that took place on 21 April 2021.

On Wednesday 21 April 2021 presenter & environmentalist Julia Bradbury chaired the Mayoral Environment Debate - an event to allow Mayoral candidates and representatives to forward their policies on nature and climate to London’s voters.

A full recording of the debate can be found here (debate starts at 0.42 seconds)

The video played at the debate, made by Greenpeace campaigner Lisa Thomson, can be found here.

The environmental policies of Mayoral candidates

There are 20 candidates standing to be Mayor of London. All candidates are listed below, with links to their environmental policies provided where available:

Kam Balayev: Renew
Shaun Bailey: Conservative Party
Sian Berry: Green Party
Count Binface: Count Binface Party
Valerie Brown: The Burning Pink Party
Piers Corbyn: Let London Live
Max Fosh: Independent
Laurence Fox: Reclaim Party
Peter Gammons: UK Independence Party
Richard Hewison: Rejoin EU
Vanessa Hudson: Animal Welfare Party
Sadiq Khan: Labour Party
Steve Kelleher: Social Democratic Party
David Kurten: Heritage Party
Farah London: Independent
Niko Omilana: Independent
Nims Obunge: Independent
Luisa Porritt: Liberal Democrat Party
Mandu Reid: Women's Equality Party
Brian Rose: London Real Party

The organisations behind the Mayoral Environment Debate

The More Natural Capital Coalition are a group of environmental charities who share a common vision for a greener London. We joined forces with climate and transport groups in London to host the Mayoral Environment Debate.

Organisations who supported the Environment Debate included: RSPB, Open Spaces Society, The Orchard Project, CPRE London, Woodland Trust, Butterfly Conservation, London Friends of Greenspaces Network, WWT, WCL, London Gardens Trust, Ramblers, Trees for Cities, London National Park City, Living Streets Group, London Wildlife Trust, Sustain, The Conservation Volunteers, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, A Rocha UK, Badger Trust, Born Free Foundation, British Mountaineering Council, Institute of Fisheries Management, Four Paws UK, Tranquil City, Wildlife Gardening Forum, London Greenpeace groups, London Friends of the Earth Groups, Haringey Clean Air Group

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