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Additional quotes on ORFC farming polling

Additional quotes for ORFC 2020 farming and the nature and climate crises press release

Anna Jones, Head of Forests at Greenpeace UK, said: ‘The UK has an extraordinary opportunity, with Brexit and as hosts of the 2020 climate talks, to show global leadership in food production. To help stop climate breakdown, the government must support farmers to prioritise nature-friendly methods that will regenerate our land, improve our health and revitalise local communities.

‘Farmers must also be encouraged to produce more plant-based food and less meat to end our contribution to global deforestation. Currently, we are importing vast quantities of animal feed from South America where its growth is destroying vast areas of rainforest and wildlife-rich savannah in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.’

Gareth Morgan, Head of Policy at Soil Association, said: ‘This survey underlines the need to support a rapid shift to more climate-friendly farming – slashing dependence on energy-intensive nitrogen fertilisers, and storing more carbon in soils. Farmers are clearly key to this transition, but the public can help by supporting sustainable farming and choosing products with a lower environmental impact, such as local, organic vegetables and high-quality pasture-fed meat.’

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