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Blueprint for Water

Blueprint for Water seeks to restore the ecology of the UK’s rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands by seeking improvements to water policy at an England level. The coalition campaigns for the five goals to sustainable water.

Chair: Hannah Freeman, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Vice Chair: Dani Jordan, WWF-UK
Information and Policy Coordinator: Jodie Le Marquand, Link

Update from the group:

This month, Link’s Blueprint for Water Group published their scorecard: an environmental assessment of the commitments made by water companies within their PR19 business plans. We have assessed how well we think the water companies have responded to the asks laid out in Blueprint for PR19, published in May 2017, and whether their performance commitments reflect our priorities for securing a better environment for wildlife and people.

This builds upon our collaborative work with water companies. In September, the Blueprint for Water coalition - together with nine water companies - launched a set of shared principles. These principles pave the way for cross-sector collaboration to enhance and protect our water environment for the benefit of both people and wildlife. This is the first time water companies have agreed to work together ahead of business plans being published.

Further to this, we are keen to progress with tangible projects, particularly those which inform future policy or improve resilience. As an example, Blueprint eNGOs will be starting a joint project ‘Naturally Resilient’ in 2019 with a number of companies and regulators looking at the interplay between environmental resilience and resilience within the water sector.

Link’s Blueprint for Water Group continues to engage with Defra on abstraction reform and encouraging them to incorporate long-term strategies to ensure sustainability into the future. The Group continues to work on developing natural resilience and highlighting the importance of this across sectors, as well as working with the Agriculture Group to ensure water is prioritised within legislation.

In October, the Group launched a joint campaign with many eNGOs across Europe determined prevent the Water Framework Directive from being weakened. This remains important as the UK leaves the European Union as the Directive will likely be transposed into UK law. This campaign will continue with several themes into the Spring when the consultation period ends. Our pre-made consultation responses are here for those who want to act now to protect our waters.

For further information, contact Jodie Le Marquand, Link’s Information and Policy Coordinator.

Last updated: 1 February 2019