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Brexit Nature Coalition

Environment Links UK has recently established the Brexit Nature Coalition comprising representatives from Link organisations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for the purpose of identifying the implications of Brexit on the environment across all four countries of the UK.

Working closely with the Link Legal Stratgy Group, the Group will undertake policy, advocacy and campaigns work in relation to areas where common ground has been identified and will maintain a close dialogue with coalitions such as Greener-UK so as to mutually inform actions.

Chair: Kate Jennings, RSPB
Head of Policy and Campaigns: Dan Pescod, Link

Updates from the Group

The Environment Links UK Brexit Nature Coalition comprises legal and policy experts from across the four UK Link organisations -Scottish Environment Link, Wales Environment Link, Northern Ireland Environment Link and Wildlife and Countryside Link, collectively known as Environment Links UK. The Group aims to ensure that the UK Government brings all EU environmental legislation into domestic law in each of the UK countries and addresses any shortcomings in environmental, wildlife and animal welfare law.

The Group is developing and coordinating shared policy, advocacy and campaigns work on Brexit issues, with a focus on protecting the natural environment across the UK countries as we move through the Brexit process.

Current work includes:

  • working with Link’s Legal Strategy Group and our sister Links in the devolved countries - Environment Links UK - to respond to the Withdrawal Bill
  • mapping the implications of Brexit on the environment across the four devolved countries
  • developing ideas and options for 'rebuilding' EU protections that may be lost as a result of the Withdrawal Bill
  • exploring effective policies to protect and enhance the natural environment, including through new legislation
  • taking a strategic overview of relevant areas of work, with a UK focus, that are not being addressed in other Link groups.

The Group is working with Greener UK and others on this important area of work.

For further information, Dan Pescod, Link’s Head of Policy and Campaigns.

Last updated: 01 June 2018