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Brexit Nature Coalition

Environment Links UK has recently established the Brexit Nature Coalition comprising representatives from Link organisations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for the purpose of identifying the implications of Brexit on the environment across all four countries of the UK.

Working closely with the Link Legal Stratgy Group, the Group will undertake policy, advocacy and campaigns work in relation to areas where common ground has been identified and will maintain a close dialogue with coalitions such as Greener-UK so as to mutually inform actions.

Chair: Kate Jennings, RSPB
Head of Policy and Campaigns: Dan Pescod, Link

Updates from the Group

As of December 2018, the Environment Links UK Brexit Nature Coalition will be merged with a group covering devolved issues at one of our partner coalitions, Greener UK.

We will continue to share updates on Brexit-related environmental legislation (such as on fisheries and agriculture) being considered in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and to take a strategic overview of relevant areas of work, with a UK focus, that are not being addressed in other Link groups.

For further information, Dan Pescod, Link’s Head of Policy and Campaigns.

Last updated: 2 September 2019