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Wildlife Crime

The Wildlife Crime Working Group works to improve the conservation and protection of wild flora and fauna threatened by domestic wildlife crime and international trade, also seeking to address the associated welfare issues. 

Chair: Martin Sims, League Against Cruel Sports
Vice-Chair: Craig Fellowes, Badger Trust
Link: Matt Browne, Advocacy Lead

Update from the Group

Wildlife crime is a significant threat to conservation, animal welfare and the wider environment. However, most wildlife crimes in England and Wales are not centrally recorded. Enforcement officers are working hard to tackle this area of crime, but they are hindered by the lack of a proper recording and reporting process. Our annual reports show the scale of wildlife crime in England and Wales, and call on the Government to ensure this crime is recorded and tackled effectively.

The Group published their latest annual wildlife crime report in November 2021. Previous wildlife crime reports can be found here.

A March 2022 blog from the Group, setting out the next steps required to address wildlife crime in the UK, can be found here

For more information, please contact Matt Browne, Link's Advocacy Lead.

Last updated: 19 May2022