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Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Strategy Group seeks to raise the UK Government’s commitment to animal welfare by identifying opportunities to provide support and evidence-based, pragmatic animal welfare advice to Link’s current working groups. In doing so, the Group’s work aims to improve collaboration and understanding between conservation and animal welfare focused organisations and will support Link’s other working groups in addressing animal welfare issues.

Chair: Claire Bass, Humane Society International
Vice Chair: Mark Jones, Born Free Foundation
Policy and Campaigns Manager: Zoe Davies, Link

Update from the Group:

Leading on from its Manifesto for Animals published earlier this year, the Link Animal Welfare Strategy Group continues to advocate its proposals for the effective governance of animal welfare post Brexit.

In response to the weakness of Government’s current proposals for its Animal Sentience Bill, Link members are joining forces with a broad coalition of 30 animal protection organisations to campaign for the principal of animal sentience to be meaningfully recognised in domestic law once the UK leaves the EU. We are concerned that the proposals as they stand will lead to a weakening of the duty to regard animal welfare in policy-making, and a deficit in expertise and support for government to conduct meaningful, prospective animal welfare impact assessments prior to policy decisions.

Our campaign will is ramping up this month, culminating in a Parliamentary reception on 26 February. Hosted by Nic Dakin MP (Lab) and Zac Goldsmith MP (Con), the event will demonstrate far-reaching cross-party support for a #BetterDealForAnimals.

With time running out for Government to take action, we sincerely hope that Defra will heed our warnings and accept our offer of assistance in drafting a Bill that truly affords animals the same level of protection they have under the EU.

The Group also continues to provide a forum and resource for Link members where animal welfare is concerned, and invites all Groups and members to contact us for further information or advice.

For further information, contact Zoe Davies, Link’s Policy and Campaigns Manager.

Last updated: 1 February 2019