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Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Strategy Group seeks to raise the UK Government’s commitment to animal welfare by identifying opportunities to provide support and evidence-based, pragmatic animal welfare advice to Link’s current working groups. In doing so, the Group’s work aims to improve collaboration and understanding between conservation and animal welfare focused organisations and will support Link’s other working groups in addressing animal welfare issues.

Chair: Claire Bass, Humane Society International
Vice Chair: Mark Jones, Born Free Foundation
Policy and Campaigns Manager: Zoe Davies, Link

Update from the Group:

Leading on from its Manifesto for Animals published earlier this year, the Link Animal Welfare Strategy Group continues to advocate its proposals for the effective governance of animal welfare post Brexit.

Group members and partners at A-Law (UK Centre for Animal Law), recently met with Animal Welfare Minister Lord Gardiner to discuss the issues raised in their Manifesto. Group members sought clarity on the status of the Animal Sentience and Sentencing Bill and expressed concern to the Minister that the Bill is weak. They urged Government to ensure that the duties in the Bill are upheld through clear accountability mechanisms.

Link members and A-Law are currently developing ideas for governance mechanisms to ensure animal welfare standards are upheld once we leave the EU.

Group members, with colleagues in the devolved countries, have written to Therese Coffey (Defra Environment Minister) and Roseanna Cunningham (Scottish Government Environment Minister) to urge that the UK does not ratify the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) as the standards do not uphold genuinely high standards of animal welfare. Many members also responded to the Government’s consultation on implementation of AIHTS in the UK.

The Group continues to provide a forum and resource for Link members where animal welfare is concerned, and invites all Groups and members to contact us for further information or advice.

For further information, contact Zoe Davies, Link’s Policy and Campaigns Manager.

Last updated: 31 August 2018