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Nature and Wellbeing

The Nature and Wellbeing Strategy Group works to integrate the nature and people agenda, as we know people are critical to nature's future and nature is critical to people's future.

Co-Chair: Dom Higgins, The Wildlife Trusts

Co-Chair: Sue Young, The Wildlife Trusts

Link: Emma Clarke, Policy Officer

Update from the Group:

The Nature and Wellbeing Strategy Group works to make the case for, and take opportunities to progress through policy changes, the nature and people agenda.

The Group has produced a statement on the importance of nature to people and of people to nature. We will build on that momentum and use our collective expertise and influence to affect tangible policy changes that benefit people and nature. In particular, the Group is advocating for a new human right to a healthy natural environment for all people, and expanding people's rights and opportunities to access and engage with nature, through a variety of means.

Most recently, the Group responded to a DHSC consultation on major health conditions and submitted evidence to an EFRA inquiry on urban green spaces.

For further information, contact Emma Clarke, Link's Policy Officer.

Last updated: 24 October 2023

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