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Nature and Wellbeing

The Nature and Wellbeing Strategy Group is a new Link group, and an evolution of the 25 Year Plan Working Group.

Co-Chair: Dom Higgins, The Wildlife Trusts

Co-Chair: Sue Young, The Wildlife Trusts

Link: Emma Clarke, Policy and Information Coordinator

Update from the Group:

The Nature and Wellbeing Strategy Group is a new Link group, and an evolution of the 25 Year Plan Working Group. It stems from the recognition that members’ priorities and expertise stretch beyond purely the implementation of the 25 Year Plan – although that will still form a core part of the group’s work.

Furthermore, the importance of the natural environment to people’s health and wellbeing has shot up the public and political agenda as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Group has produced a statement on the importance of nature to people and of people to nature. We will build on that momentum and use our collective expertise and influence to affect tangible policy changes that benefit people and nature. The Group recently submitted feedback on the Department for Education's draft Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy.

The Group has produced its policy position on how the Government can meaningfully and effectively fulfil its commitment to protecting 30% of land for nature by 2030. If done correctly, 30x30 is a significant opportunity to protect and restore England’s nature for the good of wildlife, people, and tackling climate change. Recently, the group launched its report on 'Achieving 30x30 in England on Land and at Sea', pointing out the current gap between rhetoric and action on the Government's 30x30 commitment and outlining what the Government can do to meaningfully achieve 30x30. It also recently published a briefing on ELM and 30x30 to outline how it thinks land under ELM schemes should contribute to 30x30.

The NWSG responded in full to the consultation on the Government's response to the Glover Landscapes Review in full, following on from an initial reaction to the announcement.

The Group has been developing the policy asks behind the recently launched Nature for Everyone campaign.

For further information, contact Emma Clarke, Link's Policy and Information Coordinator.

Last updated: 29 April 2022

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