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Legal Strategy

The Legal Strategy Group seeks to improve the creation, implementation and enforcement of English Law to better protect the natural environment.

Co-Chairs: Carol Day (RSPB), Rosie Sutherland (RSPB)

Link: Hannah Blitzer (Senior Policy Officer)

Update from the Group:

The Legal Strategy Group advocates for fit for purpose application of the UK’s obligations under the Aarhus Convention. The Convention establishes several important rights of the public (individuals and their associations) with regard to the environment, including the right to access justice and challenge public decisions on environmental law.

The Group worked to improve the Judicial Review and Courts Act during its passage through Parliament in 2021/22, to preserve access to environmental justice. 

The group is also working on proposals for an Environmental Rights Bill.

For further information, please contact Hannah Blitzer, Link's Senior Policy Officer for the Legal Strategy Group: 

Last updated: June 2024

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