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Resources and Waste

Link’s Resources and Waste Working Group seeks to reduce pollution of plastic, chemicals and other materials in the natural environment by advocating for a reduction and where necessary, elimination of their production.

Chair: Paula Chin, WWF
Vice-chair: Pine Eisfeld-pierantonio, WDC
Link: Matthew Dawson, Policy Officer

Updates from the Group

The Resources and Waste Group advocates for a reduction in the use of resources to change our throw-away society and reduce the damage to our environment, from source to sea. The Group’s overarching message is to stem the plastic tide to reduce pollution from plastic and packaging materials as a whole, rather than a focus on recycling and alternative materials e.g. bioplastics and compostables.

The Group recently attended the Defra Resources and Waste Stakeholder Advisory Group. It also submitted a response to the British Standards Institution (BSI) consultation on a new standard for biodegradable plastics. The Group did not support such a standard as it is not consistent with a circular economy, the completed tests failed to account for the marine environment and the standard would still take two years to degrade, increasing the potential harm on wildlife and the environment. The Group has also worked with Greener UK to advocate for amendments to the Environment Bill, which will continue when the Bill returns, and is beginning to develop work on what targets should be set for Resources and Waste as part of this.

For further information, contact Matthew Dawson, Link's Policy Officer.

Last updated: 9 March 2021.

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