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Resources and Waste

Link’s Resources and Waste Working Group seeks to reduce pollution of plastic, chemicals and other materials in the natural environment by advocating for a reduction and where necessary, elimination of their production.

Chair: Paula Chin, WWF
Vice-chair: Pine Eisfeld-Pierantonio, WDC
Link: Matthew Dawson, Policy Officer

Updates from the Group

The Resources and Waste Group advocates for a reduction in the use of resources to change our throw-away society and reduce the damage to our environment, from source to sea. The Group’s overarching message is that current models of consumption are unsustainable and that Government action is needed to deliver a more circular economy.

Last year, the group responded to the Government waste consultations which aim to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme and Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging. They also submitted responses to the Waste Prevention Programme for England and the Consistency in Recycling consultation. The responses highlighted the need for greater Government support for reuse and refill schemes, where resources are used in a more sustainable manner. The overall findings of these responses are summarised in the Group's 'Wasted Opportunity?' report.

In addition, the Group submitted a response to the Competition and Markets Authority consultation into 'misleading green claims', raising the need for action against packaging which misleadingly claims it is 'degradable' or 'compostable'.

The Group worked with Greener UK to advocate for an amendment to the Environment Bill, expanding the proposed power to charge for single use plastic items to cover items of any material. This was to ensure that the charge avoided the unintended consequence of substitutions from plastic to other, potentially equally damaging materials. The campaign was successful and the change was accepted by the Government following the success of the amendment in the Lords.

They are currently working on policy around banning single use plastic items and making the case to Government that greater uptake of reusable/refillable packaging is needed to cut our high levels of waste and resource use.

For further information, contact Matthew Dawson, Link's Policy Officer.

Last updated: May 2022

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