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Marine Mammals

The Marine Mammals Working Group works to ensure better protection of marine mammals through the reform of the International Whaling Commission into a conservation body, and by addressing other issues relating marine mammal conservation and welfare both in the UK and globally, such as marine contaminants, bycatch and disturbance.

Chair: Mark Simmonds, Humane Society International-UK
Vice Chair: Lucy Babey, ORCA
Link: Matt Dawson, Policy Officer

Update from the Group

The Marine Mammals Group is one of the longest standing Groups at Link.

Marine Mammals Group members have successfully campaigned for a moratorium on commercial whaling and supported the UK Government to establish and maintain a strong stance focused on cetacean welfare at the International Whaling Commission. The Group also works on the issue of bycatch of endangered, threatened and protected species.

The Group has a strong relationship with the UK delegation to the IWC, including the Minister, currently Lord Goldsmith and regularly meet to discuss priority issues relating to the IWC.

The bycatch group work with Defra to ensure the incidental capture of protected species such as dolphins, porpoises, seabirds and sharks, is minimised and where possible eliminated in UK waters. Mostly recently they secured a commitment to tackle sensitive species bycatch in the Fisheries Bill. It is also supporting Defra in the development of a bycatch action plan.

In December 2020 the group submitted evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee on the impact of tidal power on marine mammals.

For further information, contact Matt Dawson, Link's Policy Officer.

Last updated: 27 January 2021