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Bovine TB Task and Finish Group

Link monitors the Government's policies to control bovine TB in cattle. We recognise that bovine TB in cattle is a significant issue for livestock farmers and supports the need to find effective measures to reduce the impact of this disease. We work to encourage the Government to ensure that any measures introduced to tackle bovine TB in cattle are legal, sustainable, based on sound science and publicly acceptable.

Link Manager: Zoe Davies

Update from the Group:

In August 2019, Link published its response to Professor Sir Charles Godfray's review of the Government's bovine TB eradication strategy. We welcomed many of the conclusions made in the Godfray report, including the need for greater emphasis on controlling the disease in cattle through measures such as improved testing and mandatory risk-based trading. Furthermore, we strongly support Prof. Sir Godfray's conclusion that it is highly desirable to move to non-lethal methods of wildlife control. We are urging Government to implement a large-scale trial of badger vaccination that includes areas with no recent history of culling, to determine the efficacy of vaccination on reducing TB in cattle without any conflating effects.

Despite the Godfray report being published over a year ago (November 2018), Government has still not published its response and the general election has delayed this further. Meanwhile, the ineffective, inhumane and costly badger cull continues unabated, with an additional 10 cull zones being added in 2019. We will make it a priority to work with the new Government on bringing the cull to an end.

Last Updated: 19 December 2019