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Bovine TB

Link monitors the Government's policies to control bovine TB in cattle. Link recognises that bovine TB in cattle is a significant issue for livestock farmers and supports the need to find effective measures to reduce the impact of this disease. Link works to encourage the Government to ensure that any measures introduced to tackle bovine TB in cattle are legal, sustainable, based on sound science and publicly acceptable.

Update from the Group:

In September 2015 Link responded to the Government’s consultation on proposed changes to licences issued by Natural England to kill badgers as part of its bovine TB (bTB) control programme. While recognising the positive action that Defra is taking to control bTB in cattle, such as cattle movement restrictions and improved testing regimes, Link expressed concern that the Government continues to show a misplaced emphasis on killing badgers, particularly when independent scientific opinion casts doubt on its effectiveness in controlling bTB in cattle.

Link’s response, supported by 15 Link members, urged the Government not to introduce the proposed measures, which it believes relax the criteria required for a culling licence to be issued, with no evidence provided to suggest that the changes will improve the likelihood of disease being prevented.

Last Updated: 30 September 2019