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Land Use Planning

The Land Use Planning Working Group acts to conserve the natural and historic environment by seeking improvements to the national planning system for the benefit of biodiversity, landscape and people. The Group works to ensure that the reform of the planning regime in England helps to deliver better protection and enhancement of the natural environment as a key component of sustainable development.

Chair: Rebecca Pullinger, CPRE
Link: Zoe Davies, Policy and Campaigns Manager

Update from the group:

The group is working hand in glove with Link’s 25 Year Plan Group on biodiversity gain and conservation covenants (see 25 Year Plan section for more).

We have published a position outlining the principles we feel would be needed to help make the Government’s planned biodiversity gain (“net gain” as the Government termed the policy at the time) policy successful, and a more detailed paper on how this complex policy might be made to work “on the ground”.

We are working with officials on biodiversity gain policy, and ensuring biodiversity protections are delivered through the Environment Bill.

The Group published a Link policy position on the 25 Year Plan’s promised “Nature Recovery Networks”; a potentially vital part of forthcoming efforts to reverse the decline in nature and the wider environment.

For further information, contact Zoe Davies, Link Policy and Campaigns Manager.

Last updated: 13 Jan 2020