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Peer Support Network for People of Colour

The Peer Support Network is for people of colour working across our membership organisations (and beyond) and is fully supported by Wildlife & Countryside Link

There is a widely acknowledged lack of ethnic diversity among those employed in our sector. Colleagues joining Peer Support Groups in their individual organisations have reflected on how helpful it has been to connect with others and share thoughts – particularly at this time of heightened awareness of systemic racism in the UK. With a cross-organisational approach, we can create this opportunity for those who do not have access to such a network within their own organisation – or who may like to connect more widely.

The network is new, and we are still shaping our form and function. We aim to make the meetings as welcoming and supportive and often informal; it is a space where we invite everyone to bring their whole, authentic selves. There is no expectation to ‘fix’ everything or to fix ourselves, we’re just here to ‘be’ together first and foremost. There may be space to spark change in the sector and to ensure our voices are heard.

We ask for confidentiality and respect for each other, as we’re all on a learning journey and we assume positive intent.

We meet on Zoom, with our next meeting taking place on Monday 5th September, 15:00-16:30. Dates for future meetings can be found below:

  • Tuesday 4th October, 13:00-14:30

      If you identify as coming from a Black, Asian or other minority ethnic background and would like to be included on our mailing list for meeting invites and other updates, please contact Ellie Ward, Link Policy and Information Coordinator, at

      Last updated: 8 August 2022.