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Our work

Wildlife and Countryside Link (Link) works on issues identified by the membership, where added value can be achieved by working in partnership.The documents on this page set out what Link wishes to achieve as an umbrella organisation and help guide the way in which we work together.

Direction Statement

This statement aims to help Link and its members take on the challenges that lay ahead as the political and economic landscapes shift around us. It highlights members’ desire to see bolder campaigning, selective policy work, better political engagement and clearer messaging, and sets out Link’s five year strategic objectives.


Operational Strategy

This detailed strategy guides the organisation’s annual work plans from both a policy and campaigns (task-based) perspective and an organisational (resources-based) perspective. It is a dynamic document which will be reviewed and refreshed each year as we move towards Link’s long-term goal of ensuring that the issues that Link and its member represents are recognised as part of good government.

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