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The Link Blog is a space for members, and others, to express their views about the natural environment.

It includes our year plan and Agriculture Bill series, as well as our Blueprint for Water focused blogs.

If you would like to contribute a blog, please contact Emma Adler.

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Planning takes centre stage

Published on: 8 March 2018

Following the launch of the Government's new planning policy, released by Theresa May this week, Victoria Bankes Price takes a look at what the draft National Planning Policy Statement will really mean for nature.


Health and harmony: Defra’s pitch on the future for food, farming and the environment

Published on: 28 February 2018

Yesterday Defra published its consultation paper on the future of farming and land management policy in England. Few policy areas will have such a significant impact on the wildlife and countryside of England in the next decade and more.


Inadequate Access to Justice - a chill wind that blows nobody any good

Published on: 28 February 2018

As Britain approaches its departure from the EU, Carol Day asks what will replace the EU's crucial legal institutions, which enforce environmental standards and provide routes for challenging Westminster, especially in a context of reduced support for Judicial Reviews and increasing court costs.


Will Mr Gove go global?

Published on: 14 February 2018

As the run-up to Aichi's 2020 international biodiversity commitments begins, it is strong domestic policy and co-operation between Westminster and devolved governments that will see the United Kingdom lead the world on conservation.


Strong Deterrents Needed for Wildlife Criminals

Published on: 7 February 2018

Wildlife crime is now the world’s fourth largest illegal activity, just behind drugs, guns and people smuggling. Environmental campaigners have long been calling for appropriate sentences which act as a deterrent to criminals engaged in this type of activity.


What do we want from our seas in 25 years and beyond?

Published on: 29 January 2018

The phenomenon that is Brexit requires all of us to defend and implement what we have, whilst simultaneously thinking in big picture terms about the kind of future we want. It is undoubtedly a period of great potential risk and reward, with much at stake and much to play for.


Preventing plastic one refilled bottle at a time

Published on: 25 January 2018

Every week we're told what we can do to help save the planet - walk more, eat less meat, cycle more, recycle more. The key thing is, these are things we can do with just small adjustments in our lives.


The Environment Plan: a green signpost at Brexit crossroads.

Published on: 11 January 2018

The Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan includes a Parliament’s worth of promises. Together, they amount to a brilliant green signpost toward a greener future.