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Brexit presents a key test of the government’s ambition to be ‘a world leader on animal welfare’. 36 of the leading animal protection groups in the UK have joined forces to campaign for a strong law that recognises animal sentience, and creates an active duty for animals’ welfare needs to be considered in policy-making.

We urgently need your help to make sure that animals don’t lose vital legal protections when we leave the European Union.

Under the European Union Treaty, animals are recognised as sentient beings, whose welfare must be protected. As we leave the EU animals in the UK will lose that legal protection. We are lobbying government for a new Animal Welfare Act that would ensure continued legal safeguards for animals, but at the moment we’re concerned that the government’s plans fall short.

Letting the government diminish animal protection laws would make animals vulnerable to future governments creating new laws, policies and trade deals that don’t take into account animals’ welfare needs.

On 26th February, representatives of our 36 animal protection organisations will be at Parliament making sure that MPs give government the clear message that animals deserve the best legal protection. Please ask your MP to attend, and show their support by signing our Early Day Motion.

Together we can make sure that animals don’t become victims of Brexit. Act now and ask your MP to push for a strong new animal welfare law that ensures that animals get the protection they deserve, and show your support on social media for getting a #BetterDealForAnimals.

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