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Nature-Friendly Farming Reform Pledge

With around 75% of UK land used for agriculture, farming is essential to our food supply, economy and countryside. 

Support for nature-friendly farming is also essential for our environment. We cannot restore our rivers, protect wildlife, or beat climate change without farmers. 

But farmers need support and certainty to be able to invest in nature. With prices rising and trouble in international markets, we know that farmers need quick and clear support to invest in nature.

That’s why we are asking MPs in the Tiverton and Honiton by-election to support the nature-friendly farming pledge:

I recognise that urgent reform is needed to support farmers in a transition to more sustainable agriculture. Farming reform is fundamental for:

  • Providing plenty of affordable, healthy food
  • Beating climate change
  • Restoring rivers, wildlife and our natural world

It won't be possible to clean up our rivers, restore nature, beat climate change, and ensure everyone can afford healthy food unless we support sustainable agriculture. So, farmers should be paid well for public benefits they provide and for adopting nature-friendly farming practices.

The cost of living crisis, rising food prices, labour shortages, and the ramifications of the war in Ukraine all strengthen the case for a faster transition. I recognise that—particularly in the light of those circumstances—current plans for farming reform have not kept pace with the need to provide farmers with certainty and readily accessible payments for sustainable farming. This has left many farming businesses in doubt about their future.

If elected, I pledge to:

  • Support farmers and nature with a fast roll out of payments for public goods in farming
  • Make the case to increase overall funding for environmentally-positive agriculture
  • Back high environmental and animal welfare standards at home and in trade deals

Please help us to encourage candidates in the by-election to take-up this pledge via our contact page.

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