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Nature For Everyone Campaign Asks

Our asks of Government to guarantee a 'legal right to local nature'

Our Ask of Government

More than 60 organisations have united together from a wide range of sectors and interest groups—experts in nature, public health, access and equality — to ask the Government to take three important steps to level up access to nature. In order for everyone to get the health and well-being benefits of accessing nature-rich local spaces, we need Government to:

-  make equal access to a high-quality natural environment a key measure of success for their Levelling Up agenda;

-  establish a new legal duty in Levelling Up legislation for developers and public bodies to provide equal access to nature-rich green and blue spaces in new and existing communities; and

-  help to fund improvements in access to nature by extending the Levelling Up Fund to green infrastructure projects.

Taking these steps to provide access to nature for everyone would help provide flourishing wildlife and healthier and happier communities. But it would also help tackle major public health issues such as obesity, and benefit both our economy and NHS. Funding of £5.5 billion over 3 years to level up access to nature-rich urban spaces would deliver £200 billion in NHS savings, 40,000 jobs and greenspaces for 3,500 deprived communities.

For more details of our proposals for Government please read our policy briefing and to support our asks please sign our petition.

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