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External Events

The future for charity law and governance - accountability, regulation and priorities for new legislation
Westminster Legal Policy Forum
18 January 2018
This seminar will focus on the future for charity law and regulation in England and Wales. The discussion is timed as a draft Bill on charity law is expected to be taken forward next year, following the final report of the Law Commission’s consultation on Technical Issues in Charity Law in September. Sessions will focus on what more can be done to simplify the current system, looking in particular at proposals to reform the regulation of land transactions and permanent endowment, workings of cy-près rules in situations where too much or too little is raised for a fundraising appeal, as well as the future framework for charity taxation.

Priorities for the UK food and farming industry - policy, competitiveness and new markets
Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum
1 February 2018

This seminar will examine policy priorities for the food and farming sectors as the Government negotiates the UK's future relationship with the EU. Sessions will focus on the new Agriculture Bill and the possibility of a 'Green Brexit', as well as the steps that can be taken to support a growing and competitive rural economy whilst ensuring high standards in produce and farming practices.

Building soil fertility through better rotations in combinable crops
Get learning with LEAF and ARTIS
1 February 2018

Taking place on LEAF Demonstration Farms, this one day course will help growers, farmers and managers tackle emerging opportunities for better soil and water management, through Integrated Farm Management. This course, run by ARTIS, consists of two half-days; the first focusing on building rotational systems, and the second half-day focusing on building system fertility.

Policy priorities for protecting natural capital in England and the role of a 25-year Environment Plan
Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum
13 February 2018
This seminar will be a timely opportunity to discuss policy priorities for protecting the environment and conserving natural capital. Delegates will consider key elements of the Government’s 25-year Environment Plan - due to be introduced by the Environment Secretary by the start of 2018 - which will follow the Natural Capital Committee’s recent report, and the Government’s recently published Clean Growth Strategy.

Improving soil biology for better yields
Get learning with LEAF and ARTIS
14 February 2018

Taking place on LEAF Demonstration Farms, this one day course will help growers, farmers and managers tackle emerging opportunities for better soil and water management, through Integrated Farm Management. This course, run by ARTIS, is for farmers and others within agriculture who want a better understanding of soil biology, its importance in agriculture for maintaining healthy and sustainable soils and the effects of current farming practises on the diversity of organisms and population sizes in the soil.

Best practice in water management and irrigation
Get learning with LEAF and ARTIS
20 February 2018

Taking place on LEAF Demonstration Farms, this one day course will help growers, farmers and managers tackle emerging opportunities for better soil and water management, through Integrated Farm Management. This course, run by ARTIS, is for those who wish to understand how best to manage the irrigation of potato, field vegetable and salad crops to improve crop yields and quality. The two half-days focus on the principles of irrigation management, and optimising irrigation in practice.

Considering the Future of Sustainable Agriculture in the EU: Ensuring Production and Preserving Biodiversity
Public Policy Exchange
22 February 2018
In light of recent policy developments and the reiteration of the EU’s commitment to achieve its biodiversity targets for 2020, this international symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity to engage with the debate on biodiversity at EU level and scrutinise the future of sustainable agriculture in Europe. It will also enable delegates to analyse different methodological approaches to sustainable agriculture and biodiversity preservation and get to know recent technological developments that could foster sustainability. The event will bring together representatives from the EU and national institutions, the private sector and the civil society to share best practice and provide a broad range of perspectives.

Safeguarding space for nature, securing our future: developing a post-2020 strategy
27-28 February
This symposium will bring together international scientists, conservation practitioners, policy-makers, business leaders, civil society and donors to (1) review the science informing future area-based conservation targets, (2) evaluate the implications of various policy options, (3) provide balanced, evidence-based recommendations to Parties to the CBD and other policy processes and (4) raise awareness of the need for a more ambitious, holistic and effective strategy on space for nature, incorporating protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures.

Fracking - Current Legal Issues
Matrix Chambers
17:00-20:00, 28 February 2018
Matrix Chambers, Griffin Building, Gray's Inn, London
Matrix will be hosting an interactive panel discussion focussing on current legal issues in fracking. The speakers will be Kate Cook, Zoë Leventhal, David Wolfe, and Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh, covering the science, law, regulation and challenges of fracking, with a Q&A session and refreshments.

Next steps for farming productivity - innovation, investment and knowledge transfer
Westminster Food &
Nutrition Forum
12 March 2018

Central London
This timely seminar examines the future of agricultural productivity in the UK, as the Government assesses policy options for a forthcoming Agriculture Bill. The agenda includes keynote addresses from Mark Filley, Team Leader, Skills, Investment & Collaboration, Farming Productivity Team, Defra and Tim Mordan, Deputy Director, Farming Productivity, Defra.
The conference is bringing together further key policymakers with stakeholders in the UK’s agricultural sector to discuss: key challenges for farm productivity in the UK; innovation in farming - research, partnerships and knowledge transfer; priorities for supporting the sector - investment, infrastructure and skills; and the outlook for policy to support farm productivity.

Working with Natural Processes: the Evidence Behind Natural Flood Management
09:00-17:00, 14 March 2018
This conference, which is being jointly coordinated by the Environment Agency, CIWEM and SEPA, is one of series of events to launch the Environment Agency’s ‘Working with Natural Processes Evidence Base’, which has been developed to help flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) authorities understand, justify, develop and implement FCERM schemes with WWNP to reduce flood risk. It will also include presentations from a range of existing projects that have successfully implemented NFM measures on the ground, through effective partnerships, whilst drawing on a range of funding streams.

Diffuse Pollution: Evidence, Effective Practice and Lessons for Policy, Practice and Investment
09:00-17:00, 18 July 2018
Central London
Call for Papers open now (ends January 2018). Following the success of their 2017 conference ‘Urban Rivers and Streams: assets or pollution pathways’ CIWEM will be holding their 2018 conference on 18 July in Central London. This event will present innovative case studies, collaborative approaches and facilitate discussion on the scale of the issue and current progress on both rural and urban diffuse pollution. The call for abstracts is now open for content for the conference. They welcome papers addressing the following areas (but not exclusively): emerging trends, policy drivers, innovative case studies, cost effective practice.