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External Events

Rewilding in a changing climate
Huxley Lecture Theatre, London
Tuesday 11 December 2018
Climate change is happening fast, driving some ecosystems well beyond their limits. As environments alter and species redistribute themselves in response, restoring habitats to historical benchmarks may no longer be an option. Debate rewilding, a novel ecosystem management approach to conserving biodiversity.

Marine plastic pollution: the science story
Huxley Lecture Theatre, London
Tuesday 15 Janaury 2019

This event will explore the issue at both the local and global scale; highlighting research by ZSL’s #OneLess campaign and its Thames River plastic bottle monitoring programme, and reviewing what data have been generated to paint the global picture. Speakers will discuss the impacts on wildlife, people and coastal cities, and the links between plastic pollution and poverty. They will also explore some of the social-science and behavioural aspects of the movement to reduce single-use plastic in the context of marine plastic, and discuss where and how we should be focusing research and conservation interventions going forward.

Future of environmental principles and governance post-Brexit
Westminster Forum Projects
Thursday 17 January 2019

Following the Government’s recently closed consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance post-Brexit, this seminar will assess the future regulatory landscape for environmental standards and the role of a new independent environmental watchdog. Delegates will consider how the environmental principles laid out in EU treaties might best be embedded into UK law, and the functions and powers the watchdog should have in overseeing environmental law and policy - including in air, waste, water and chemical regulation.

Brexit & Early Career Researchers: The Risks, Opportunities & What we can do about them
British Ecological Society
Wednesday 20 February 2019
Charles Darwin House, London
Join the Conservation SIG to decode what Brexit could mean for those just beginning their careers in conservation ecology. This one-day workshop will be aimed at empowering early-career scientists with the know-how and ideas to better deal with the implications of Brexit for their research. Keynote speakers include Dame Georgina Mace (UCL) and Prof Charlotte Burns (University of Sheffield), and will be followed by discussions and breakout sessions in the afternoon.

Natural Capital Investment Conference 2019
Ecosystems Knowledge Network
The Royal Society, London
Thursday 28 February 2019

This innovative environmental finance conference is leading the movement to make the UK a leader in investment in the natural environment on the basis of its economic value. A restored natural environment can play a big part in resilience against flooding, water shortage and summer heat episodes. It is central to climate change adaptation. This key event will demonstrate that green finance – and green growth – offers unprecedented opportunities for financial institutions to invest in UK natural features such as woodland, peatland and wetland.

Drought and Water Scarcity: addressing current and future challenges, International Academic Conference
Pembroke College, Oxford University
Wednesday 20 March 2019
Droughts pose a substantial threat to the environment, agriculture, infrastructure, society and culture in the UK, yet our ability to characterise and predict their occurrence, duration and intensity, as well as minimise their impacts, is often inadequate. Join us to hear about our research at our International Conference.

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