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Route map towards greater ethnic diversity

Resources to help create conditions for minority ethnic people to join and thrive in the environment sector

The environment sector is one of the least ethnically diverse in the UK. Just 4.81% of professionals identify as Black, Asian or from other minority ethnic groups, compared to 12.64% across all UK professions.

While some organisations are working to address the lack of ethnic diversity, Full Colour research for Wildlife and Countryside Link (Link) shows that 84% of organisations, while willing to take action, lack direction. Only 4% of organisations have a plan and are regularly implementing it.

This is why Link commissioned Full Colour to work with colleagues in the sector to develop a route map for change. While the route map will not solve all the issues around lack of ethnic diversity or the presence of racism in the sector, profound change is possible by working together. The route map sets out how.

Below are our reports and a number of resources that can be used internally to support your work towards achieving the objectives of the route map to increase ethnic diversity in your organisation.

Our perception research, Ethnic Diversity Route Map and Guidance Manual are below:

    Please also find below a number of materials which can help you to communicate about the route map internally within your organisation, and embed it into your plans to increase ethnic diversity.

    Available are a PowerPoint presentation on the project, a short summary document which details the aims, objectives, milestones and immediate actions to take, and some copy you could utilise for your intranet/staff newsletter.

    Our press release provides more background information on this project and we have a social media pack available if you would like to get involved in the social media conversation around the launch of the route map on Oct 5 2022. 

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