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COP26: The nature-climate link

Spanning the COP26 fortnight, this blog series will address a variety of issues around the nature-climate link, from the carbon capturing potential of the Earth's ecosystems, to updates on how the negotiations are progressing in Glasgow. 

COP26 Day 2 | The opening blog in the series is by Deborah Long, Chief Officer at Scottish Environment Link. As COP26 finally gets underway in Glasgow, Deborah looks at what has led us to the twin climate and nature crises, and what needs to happen if the Decade for Ecosystem Restoration is to truly deliver for the environment.

COP26 Day 3 | In our second installment of the series, Wildlife and Countryside Link's Tallulah Belassie-Page discusses why healthy ecosystems are essential for tackling the climate crisis and what outcomes we hope to see for nature at COP26.

COP26 Day 4 | Jazz Austin from RSPB sets out why our coastal and freshwater habitats need to be part of the climate conversation at COP26 and outlines what members of Link's Blueprint for Water group will be doing during the summit. 

COP26 Day 5 | Wildlife and Countryside Link's Bruce Winney sets out why local action will be needed to deliver global targets, and what needs to be done to make Local Nature Recovery Strategies deliver for nature and the climate. 

COP26 Day 6 | On COP26 oceans day, we featured two blogs from Link members, looking at why the oceans are one of our biggest allies in tackling climate change. 

The first was a blog from Ed Goodall, Green Whale Project manager at Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Ed writes from COP26 on the role ocean recovery and healthier whale populations can play in tackling the climate crisis. You can find the blog here.

The second is a blog from James Robinson, Director of Conservation at Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. James explains why we need our political leaders to commit to creating, restoring, and protecting our wetlands as part of COP26 climate action. You can find the blog here.

COP26 Day 9 | As we entered the second week of COP, we featured a blog from Prof Tine Van Bortel, Professor of Global Health & Wellbeing at the University of Cambridge. Prof. Van Bortel writes about why we should take action to build a society that promotes equal access and sustained engagement with biodiverse spaces and nature, for the benefit of nature and people.

COP26 Day 10 | Honor Eldridge, Policy Lead at Plantlife International, discusses why species-rich grasslands are an overlooked solution to climate change, and why the new Environmental Land Management Scheme should reward farmers and land managers for the restoration and sustainable management of species-rich grasslands.

We also published a blog from Samuel Wrobel, Policy Officer for Offshore Wind at RSPB, who explains how offshore wind can play a crucial role in the UK’s efforts to reach net zero. However, Samuel notes that installing this technology at the scale and pace needed to decarbonise our energy systems while protecting nature is no easy task.

COP26 Day 12 | On Cities, Regions & Built Environment Day at COP26, Kate Conto, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer at the Ramblers, explains why walking can help the UK meet its climate goals.

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