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Please join us in urging the candidates in the Tiverton and Honiton by-election to pledge their support for nature-friendly farming reforms.

Thank you for your interest in persuading MP candidates on the critical issue of nature-friendly farming reforms. 

Agricultural reforms are urgently needed to improve air and water quality, restore wildlife and tackle climate change and flood-risk.

Please find below ready-drafted content that you can copy and paste to either email or Tweet to candidates in the by-election, plus the candidate's contact details. 

It will be most powerful for the candidates to hear from their constituents and the following text is drafted to come from people living locally. But if you don't live in Tiverton or Honiton and would like to contact the candidates please feel free to adapt the below text to make it relevant to you.

Template Tweet

Nature-friendly farming reforms are vital to:

- tackle climate change

- restore nature

- ensure a thriving farming sector

That's why I'm asking my local candidate @XXXX to take the nature-friendly farming pledge: 

A copy of this text with emojis can be found here. An accompanying image for Twitter can be downloaded here.

Template email

Dear XXX

I am writing as a Tiverton & Honiton resident to ask you to support the nature friendly farming reform pledge.

As someone who cares about the future of farming and our environment, I know that Government support for agriculture needs to improve, to help farmers do the right thing for nature and climate.

We urgently need to support a fast, effective and generously funded transition to greener agriculture, in order to restore our natural world, tackle climate change and secure a thriving, sustainable future for the farming sector.

Please will you support this transition and sign the nature-friendly farming reform pledge.

The pledge is supported by leading nature groups including RSPB, The National Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, and WWF-UK and signing it would show your strong support for the faster, greener farming reform farmers need.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Candidate contact details

Candidate Email Twitter
Liz Pole (Labour) @LizPoleLabour
Helen Hurford (Cons) @TivHonTories
Richard Foord (Lib Dem) @RichardFoordLD
Gill Westcott (Green) @GillMWestcott
Ben Walker (UKIP) @BenWalkerFABS
Jordan Donoghue-Morgan (Heritage Party) not available not available
Andy Foan (Reform UK) not available not available
Frankie Rufolo (For Britain Movement) not available @frankie_rufolo

*The above information is taken from

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