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Link members are working together to respond to

the challenges and opportunities associated with Brexit.

Here's how...

We are advocating for existing EU environmental and animal welfare legislation to be maintained when the UK exits the EU

Link’s Legal Strategy Group and the Environment Links UK Brexit Nature Coalition Group are working closely with Greener UK and a wide range of Link working groups. Together we have responded to the Government's Repeal Bill White Paper and we will seek to engage further. This includes preparing legal analysis and advice on transposing EU legislation and associated legal principles into domestic law, and explaining the importance of maintaining environment and animal welfare protections once we leave the EU.

Current priorities include highlighting to MPs and decision-makers the key components that need to be in the EU Withdrawal Bill to safeguard environmental protection into the future and raising awareness of the significance of the Bill with Link members and their supporters, including through blogs and campaigns.

We are advocating for a sustainable farming and land use policy with high environmental and animal welfare standards

Link’s Agriculture Working Group has joined up with Sustain and the Soil Association to develop a set of proposals for a sustainable farming and land management policy to replace the CAP. Link’s Animal Welfare Group is also working with the UK Centre for Animal Law (A-Law), producing a manifesto for animals post-Brexit. Additionally, Link's Blueprint for Water Group brings additional expertise and Link collaborates with Greener UK to raise awareness and seek broad support for a number of their proposals.

Link members believe that the key change needed is to move away from the current perverse subsidy system to a future that only invests taxpayers’ money in farm-based programmes that benefit everyone, including supporting abundant nature, clean water and beautiful landscapes, while ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare.

We are calling for declines in biodiversity to be reversed and the natural environment to be restored

Even if the EU Withdrawal Bill successfully brings across the full body of EU law, our wildlife and environment will continue to decline in many areas due to existing threats and pressures.

Link’s 25 Year Plan Group is working to advocate for the strongest possible implementation of the Government’s 25 Year Plan for the Environment. We will respond to the public consultation and push to ensure that the plan is underpinned by legislation, properly funded and resourced, and adequately monitored and enforced.

Who we work with on Brexit

Link collaborates with a number of other organisations and coalitions with shared interests in achieving our objectives from Brexit, including:
  • Environment Links UK: We work closely with our sister Links in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to develop UK-wide responses, position statements, advocacy messages and campaigns
  • Greener UK: Link has very closely aligned objectives for Brexit with Greener UK. A number of organisations are members of both coalitions. We therefore collaborate on a number of work areas to ensure that the environment sector can speak with one voice on Brexit
  • UK Centre for Animal Law: Link and A-Law work together on animal welfare policy and advocacy relating to Brexit and on the future of the UK’s animal welfare laws once we leave the EU
  • Sustain: Link and Sustain work closely on agricultural policy and on frameworks for future environment and sustainability legislation
  • CIEEM: Link and CIEEM maintain close contact on Brexit, particularly in sharing information, expertise and drawing on each other’s strengths. CIEEM has a strong professional and evidence-based membership.