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Our Vision

Water matters: it is integral to our lives for drinking, health and recreation, as well as integral to the lives of all plants and animals. All waters and wetlands, from our ponds and rivers to our seas should be alive with the splashing, buzzing and croaking of flourishing wildlife. By working together and managing our water more effectively, we can ensure a future full of wildlife-rich places that everyone can explore and enjoy.

Get all the facts from our publication, Water Matters, and find out how to get involved in our campaign below.

We are a coalition of 16 environmental, water efficiency and fisheries organisations, brought together by Wildlife and Countryside Link. Together with our members and supporters we form a dedicated movement of over six million people. All of us are passionate about the health of our rivers, beaches, ponds, estuaries and other wild places. We are working to understand the problems facing our water environments and to develop solutions to those problems. We collaborate with Government, water companies, regulators, scientists and other civil society groups to provide sound, evidence-based policy advice.

Become a WCL member

Membership of Wildlife and Countryside Link is open to national and international voluntary or other non-profit organisations based in England. Member organisations must be able to demonstrate an interest in furthering the work of Link, and their aims must include the protection of wildlife, landscape and the quiet enjoyment and appreciation of the countryside. Individual members of the public are not eligible to join Link, but may be interested in joining one of Link's member organisations.