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The Link Blog is a space for members, and others, to express their views about the natural environment.

It includes our year plan and Agriculture Bill series, as well as our Blueprint for Water focused blogs.

If you would like to contribute a blog, please contact Emma Adler..

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There can be no 'business as normal'

Published on: 20 May 2019

Faced with a climatic and ecological crisis, there can be no ‘business as normal’ if we want our countryside to survive.


Save our Seabirds from Island Invaders

Published on: 17 May 2019

Many of our most important seabird breeding colonies are on islands that are naturally free of mammalian predators such as rats, stoats and mink. A new partnership project, Biosecurity for LIFE, aims to protect these precious sites and their seabirds from the impacts of invaders.


Forest foes: the invaders threatening our wonderful woodlands

Published on: 16 May 2019

Invasive non-native species threaten the wildlife in our native woodlands and the economics of commercial forestry. Addressing these threats is an important element of a wider approach to responsible forest management.


The species invading our seas

Published on: 15 May 2019

We’ve reached the halfway point of this year’s Invasive Species Week and today the focus is on the marine environment.


Getting a grip on urban invaders

Published on: 14 May 2019

My walk to the train station in the morning takes me along a boundary wall with the railway. This wall has probably been there for the best part of a hundred years, and over that time it has developed in to an amazing habitat...


Lurking beneath the surface: invasive species in freshwater

Published on: 13 May 2019

Walk along your local river or lake and without realising it you may encounter invasive non-native species. What an untrained eye might perceive as a typical freshwater plant or animal, may actually be an invasive species that has outcompeted the native species in the water, and is causing negative changes to the quality of the system beneath the surface.


Deposit return for a #CleanPlanet

Published on: 10 May 2019

As the UK Government’s consultation on a Deposit Return System draws to a close, calls for a truly ‘all-in’ system grow. And the rest of the world is watching


Why the royal birth and planetary health check are everyone’s business

Published on: 9 May 2019

The massive overshadowing of a major report on the rapid decline of our world by media coverage of the royal birth highlights how much more attention must be given to the planet’s plight if every child born in 2019 is to have a life worth living.


Something momentous is happening. Is this the ‘Green Spring’?

Published on: 8 May 2019

With a wave of climate emergency declarations and activity, could this be the Green Spring? Join Rewilding Britain in pushing the Government to restore nature to help stop climate breakdown.


Have your say, make packaging polluters pay!

Published on: 7 May 2019

Join us in telling the Government that the polluter should pay for the packaging they create