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The Link Blog is a space for members, and others, to express their views about the natural environment.

It includes our year plan and Agriculture Bill series, as well as our Blueprint for Water focused blogs.

If you would like to contribute a blog, please contact Emma Adler.

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Levelling Up National Parks and AONBs

Published on: 24 August 2022

Rose O'Neill of Campaign for National Parks and David Hampson of RSPB write on the opportunity to deliver crucial improvements to National Parks and AONBs through the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill.


Woodcocks need our help

Published on: 23 August 2022

Environmentalist Lucy Lapwing makes the case for shorter season for shooting woodcock, to help declining populations recover.


The UK’s new ‘Bycatch Mitigation Initiative’ is strong on words but light on action

Published on: 22 August 2022

Ruby Temple-Long, Marine Policy Officer at the RSPB and Chair of the Link Bycatch sub-group, reflects on the publication of the UK Government and Devolved Administrations' Bycatch Mitigation Initiative


Levelling up Blue Spaces

Published on: 19 August 2022

Chantelle Grundy, Access and Environment Lead at British Canoeing, shares how we can take action to level up access to our blue spaces.


Chemical Pollution: The Silent Killer of UK Rivers

Published on: 18 August 2022

Steph Morren, Senior Policy Officer at RSPB, introduces the new report 'Chemical Pollution: The Silent Killer of UK Rivers'.


The case for nutrient negativity

Published on: 18 August 2022

Ali Morse, Water Policy Manager at The Wildlife Trusts and Chair of Blueprint for Water, sets out the case for nutrient negativity.


Levelling up on water efficiency

Published on: 17 August 2022

Nathan Richardson, Head of Policy and Strategy at Waterwise, shares why building greater ambition on water saving into policy on planning and levelling up will help people, businesses and the environment.


Levelling up by restoring vulnerable & damaged floodplains

Published on: 16 August 2022

Olivia Nelson, Advocacy Officer at the Floodplain Meadows Partnership, shares how restoring our floodplains will deliver for nature and help tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing land planning and management in the UK.


Fix the Fells: Winners of the Park Protector Awards 2022

Published on: 15 August 2022

Joanne Backshall, Policy Manager at Fix the Fells, explains the challenges and rewards of protecting the Lake District's fells, and why this restoration is so vital.


River basin management plans – a levelling-up opportunity

Published on: 15 August 2022

Rob Collins, Head of Policy and Science at The Rivers Trust, explains how the huge levelling-up potential of River Basin Management Plans can be realised.


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