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Additional quotes on butterfly figures 2017

Additional quotes on 2017 butterfly figures from Wildlife and Countryside Link coalition members. The associated press release can be found here.

Tony Juniper, Executive Director of WWF, said: ‘We can be the first generation that stops pushing our wildlife toward extinction and instead to begin restoring it. We can bring back our wild animals and plants, clean up the air that we breathe, and ensure a better deal for famers - but only if we put nature at the heart of the Agriculture Bill. Doing so would mean that not only would we all get to enjoy wildlife and greater access to our iconic countryside, but also have better, safer and more secure food.’

Nick Rau, Nature Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: ‘Farming and the environment are intrinsically linked, so future UK agriculture must do more to support farmers to be guardians of our natural world. This must include action to boost pollinators, natural predators, healthy soils and habitats – as well as a target for cutting pesticide-use. If we want British farming to have a bright future, it must work with nature and not against it.’

Arlin Rickard, Chief Executive of The Rivers Trust, said: ‘Plummeting pollinators and polluted rivers are just some of the symptoms of the chronic condition of our natural world and our failing farming system. It is essential that the Government prioritises nature in the upcoming Agriculture Bill if we are to get the environment and our farming industry off life-support and back on their feet.’

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