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Additional quotes on funding for nature

Additional quotes on the need for Government to increase investment to meet nature targets.

Chris Butler-Stroud, CEO Whale and Dolphin Conservation, said: “The climate and nature emergencies are a threat to everything that is important to us, and time is running out to act. By harnessing the UK’s world-leading voluntary sector, the Green Recovery Fund can unlock the solutions we need to face the threats we face and enhance our natural capital infrastructure. This is too big an opportunity to short change now.”

Prof Alastair Driver, Director, Rewilding Britain, said: "This Green Recovery Challenge Fund is part of the £640M Nature for Climate fund which we at Rewilding Britain helped to secure from govt through a parliamentary debate a year ago. We will not be the direct recipients of this funding but our large partner organisations will be, and some of them are working on rewilding projects which we have helped to initiate. We are in the throes of a climate emergency and a biodiversity crisis, so there is a real urgency here and these partner organisations need this funding right now". They're ready to go. We're in an emergency situation. Now is not the time for fiddling around".

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