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The Government has published a 25 Year Environment Plan, to conserve and restore England’s natural environment on land and at sea within a generation.

The changes that will be wrought by the UK’s exit from the EU could put our environment at risk, but change is also a chance for us to make a difference.

We can face up to the pressures harming our environment, like unsustainable development and pollution. We can benefit our health and wellbeing and build a sustainable economy, now and for future generations.

Link believes that to achieve its aspiration to pass on a better environment to the next generation, the Westminster Government must implement the Plan to match and build on the environmental protections that were established through EU law, and features:

1. Legally binding targets to restore our environment, defending and extending environment laws

2. Investment to enrich our environment and landscape, with public payments directed towards delivering public benefits, complemented by private investment

3. Accountability for the state of nature—across Government, on land and at sea, at home and abroad

Link has published a response to the Plan, setting out members collective views on the content and outlining what else is required if it is to restore nature within a generation. Link also published a briefing in 2017 that set out the members key asks for the Plan.

Now we have a Plan, Link will need your help to work with Defra and ensure it is delivered effectively to achieve a better environment for people and nature.

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