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Water Working Group

Chair: Janina Gray, Salmon & Trout Association
Vice Chair: Kathy Hughes, WWF
Secretary: Raul Matamoros

The Water Working Group seeks to restore the ecology of the UK’s rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands by seeking improvements to water policy at an England level, including advocacy around the Water White Paper. Through the Blueprint for Water coalition, the group will continue to campaign for the 10 steps to sustainable water.


Update from the group:


Meeting with the Environment Agency

The Blueprint for Water met with National Flood and Coastal Risk Managers, Rachael Hill and Adrian Rushworth, from the Environment Agency on 14 August. They echoed Minister’s Dan Rogerson view that dredging is not the only solution to flooding but one of the options. However, the Agency has compiled a list of 1,300 sites where dredging may be cost-beneficial.  They also reported that the Water Framework Directive has been a challenging process but felt they are making progress and making improvements at applying catchment based approaches. The Agency agreed to continue its engagement with NGOs.



Last updated: 29 August 2014