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Water Working Group

Chair: Janina Gray, Salmon & Trout Association
Vice Chair: Kathy Hughes, WWF
Secretary:Raul Matamoros

The Water Working Group seeks to restore the ecology of the UK’s rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands by seeking improvements to water policy at an England level, including advocacy around the Water White Paper. Through the Blueprint for Water coalition, the group will continue to campaign for the 10 steps to sustainable water.


Update from the group:


Meeting with BoldLight, Blueprint web designers

Members of the Blueprint for Water coalition met on the 2 June to discuss with BoldLight (website design agency) the requirements and member’s expectations of the new Blueprint website. BoldLight followed this initial engagement with stakeholder interviews with member organisation staff (PR & Comms / website), local groups, civil servants and Water companies. This will enable them to understand better our user audiences.  We have organised a subsequent Stakeholder Workshop on the 3 July where their initial findings will be presented before we start generating website structure and contents.


Blueprint Consultation response to small sewage discharges reform

In early June the Blueprint for Water coalition submitted a response to Defra’s small sewage discharges (SSD) reform consultation. The BP highlighted evidence, which suggests that many septic tanks are working sub-optimally and contributing to failure of Water Framework Directive (WFD) water bodies to achieve Good Ecological Status (GES), through diffuse water pollution. The group believes that the proposals to deregulate will make the situation worse. The Government should recognise that poor water quality from SSDs imposes a burden on those affected through damage to the natural environment and by passing on costs of clean up to water companies or the farming sector – undermining the polluter pays principal and effectiveness of measures.



Last updated: 1 July 2014