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Link's five year strategic objectives

Link will steer a course towards our collective long-term goal; to ensure that the issues that Link and its members represent are recognised as part of good government. Along the route we will work towards strategic objectives built upon by the desires and aims of our members.

Link as a coalition of environmental organisations will work together to achieve the following five objectives:

  • To present an integrated vision for sustainable land and water use that promotes effective mechanisms for supporting landscape-scale natural and historic environment conservation

  • To help protect and connect marine species and habitats through the promotion of an ecosystem based approach to marine conservation

  • To raise the political profile of the ethical and economic value of biodiversity and the socio-economic and ecological impacts of its loss

  • To promote the delivery of access to nature that is compatible with conservation of wildlife, reconnects society with the environment, and enhances human health and welfare

  • To raise the UK’s commitment to wildlife protection, animal welfare and respect for animals