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Nature Check 2013

Nature Check 2013, published on 19 November 2013 and supported by 41 leading environmental groups, is our third assessment of the Coalition Government's progress against its commitments to the natural environment in England.


The report builds on Nature Check 2011 and 2012, and finds that although some policies are delivering positive results, the Government's delivery for the natural environment over the last year has remained static - there has been no step change in leadership or delivery.


We know that nature is in crisis. The evidence shows us long and short-term declines in our wildlife and natural places, which translates into a crisis for people too, because the environment is the foundation of our lives and livelihoods. It is a source of great joy and fulfilment for many millions of people across the country, and we must therefore work together to conserve the environment for future generations, secure a sustainable economy and meet our international commitments.


This crisis is harder to turn around with each year of delay or ineffectual action. In order for the Government to improve its overall performance for the natural environment over the next year, Link recommends that it should:

  1. Demonstrate its commitment to the natural environment by providing strong leadership and a clarity of purpose that will reverse the catastrophic decline in wildlife and reconnect people with nature.
  2. Enable the statutory nature conservation bodies to fulfil their critical role as champions of nature, by allowing them a voice in developing public policy consistent with their expertise, while properly funding their functions and not imposing a growth duty.
  3. Enforce the rules and regulations that protect our environmental public goods, whether domestic or European in origin.

The report's publication coincides with an independent survey by ComRes of more than 2,000 adults, which has revealed the love people have for the British countryside. Notably, 83% of British adults believe the natural environment should be protected at all costs, while only a quarter think the Government is doing enough to protect our landscapes and wildlife.


For copies of the report, or further information about Nature Check, please contact Kate Hand.

Nature Check 2011 and Nature Check 2012 are available to read online.


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