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How we work

Link's priorities are decided upon by the membership every three years through an established process, and are reviewed annually to ensure that some flexibility is maintained for work on new or emerging issues.

Link’s work is carried out by a number of specialist Working Groups, which focus on those policy areas where members believe co-ordinated working through Link will add value to the work they are already doing in their own organisation.  The establishment of these groups allow members to share resources and intelligence.


Each Working Group is assigned a member of the Link Secretariat, who is responsible for the facilitation of that group, in conjunction with an expert Chair and Vice Chair appointed from within the membership.  The Chair is responsible for providing leadership for the group, the Secretariat for co-ordinating the group’s activities and ensuring consistency within and between all of Link’s policy areas. 


Working Groups work in a several ways including:

  • holding regular meetings
  • producing policy papers and statements
  • representing Link on external stakeholder groups
  • responding to consultations


Each Working Group and Task Force operates according to a work plan agreed annually, overseen by Link’s Management Committee.  The day to day operation of Link is carried out by a professional Secretariat, who ensures that members are provided with frequent information updates.


Policy development

We develop our policy thinking and campaigning work collaboratively. Policy experts from our member organisations work together to develop a Link position, which is then open to the whole membership for their backing. We operate a principle of 'positive sign on', requiring members to declare their support for each policy statement. Blanket support by members for a Link position is never assumed, and therefore the list of organisations in support of a Link statement is a true indication of support for that document.


In this way, working through Link allows our members to have a stronger voice than they would do individually, whilst still pursuing their own priorities.  Link employs a range of campaigning techniques to promote developed policy positions.


Link works on the basis of ‘one member, one vote’ regardless of size or length of membership.  All applications for membership are approved by Link members themselves, managed by Link’s Director. The members provide the majority of Link's funding through annual subscriptions.


For more information on how we work please see the following pages:


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