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General Election 2017

2017 General Election party manifesto commitments: Priorities from Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife and Countryside Link has called on all political parties to include the following in their manifestos:

1. Reaffirm their 2015 election manifesto commitments relating to:

• Protecting the natural environment; and
• Ensuring high standards of animal welfare

2. Maintain existing EU protections as and when the UK exits the EU:

• Faithfully transpose all existing EU environmental and animal welfare law, including principles, into domestic law and guarantee that any future changes are only made by Primary Legislation
• Introduce new governance arrangements that ensure the continued and equivalent provision of robust regulatory, monitoring, enforcement and other functions currently provided by the EU institutions

3. Develop a sustainable farming and land use policy with high environmental and animal welfare standards:

• Create a sustainable farming and land use policy that invests taxpayers’ money in public benefits, including abundant nature, clean water and beautiful landscapes, while ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare

4. Reverse declines in the natural environment and protect wildlife:

• Introduce new legislation with ambitious goals and clear and enforceable targets to improve our natural environment on land and at sea, with the legal accountability frameworks necessary to ensure their delivery
• Ensure the swift designation of an Ecologically Coherent Network of Marine Protected Areas in UK seas by 2020
• Introduce ethical wildlife management policies to govern the appropriate, effective and humane management of wildlife in Britain

5. Demonstrate International leadership on the environment and animal welfare:

• Require that maintenance or improvements to the natural environment and welfare protections for wild and farmed animals is a precondition for UK trade deals
• Lead the world in tackling wildlife trafficking by advocating for the highest level of protection for wildlife at CITES and other international fora, fully implementing the EU Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking, and implementing a complete ban on ivory trade
• Ensure the continuation of the international ban on commercial whaling without modification, and the UK Government’s leadership in effectively enhancing the conservation and welfare of cetaceans globally including UK waters

26 April 2017

For further information, please contact Spencer Clubb, Link’s Head of Policy and Campaigns: T 0207 820 8600,