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Benefits of membership

Membership of Link makes you a part of an influential, well established and well-regarded coalition of like-minded voluntary organisations. It gives you access to a professional secretariat whose priorities are driven entirely by you and the other members of Link. Membership entitles you and other nominated members of your organisation to:


  • Participate in Link initiatives, including Working Groups and Task Forces
  • Influence Link's agenda and future direction
  • Initiate and endorse Link policy statements
  • Receive information and seek advice from Link
  • Represent Link on external fora
  • Liaise with organisations throughout the UK through Link's network of sister organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Information Management

Link provides an important information management service helping members to share resources and intelligence. Link acts as a hub through which information can be exchanged between members.


  • We enable members to find out about and contact colleagues in other organisations with similar interests
  • We keep members up to date with developments across a range of topics of interest to them
  • We produce monthly bulletins available to all our members containing information about forthcoming events, current consultations, new publications and career opportunities.


Coalition Building

Where there is a need and a will to work together, Link facilitates collaborative work between members.


  • We help distil a clear common message from our members on important issues and communicate it effectively to key decision makers
  • We provide an independent forum where priorities can be discussed and agreed and joint positions on environmental issues can be developed and promoted
  • We act as an 'honest broker' in the agreement of positions where our members may have different views about particular issues
  • We create flexible coalitions between members and non-member organisations
  • We help members to synchronise public campaigns to achieve maximum impact
  • We organise public events to communicate a common message to the public or decision-makers
  • We enable members to collectively commission new pieces of research
  • We co-ordinate the selection of representatives to attend external fora (i.e. Government committees and review groups) where a common agenda can be promoted.


All members have the opportunity to contribute to and support all joint action. However, as we work on a 'positive sign-on' basis, we always seek each member's explicit support for statements that we produce.

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