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Membership of Wildlife and Countryside Link is open to national and international voluntary or other non-profit organisations based in England. Member organisations must be able to demonstrate an interest in furthering the work of Link, and their aims must include the protection of wildlife, landscape and the quiet enjoyment and appreciation of the countryside. Individual members of the public are not eligible to join Link, but may be interested in joining one of Link's member organisations.


All applications for membership are considered by the current membership. As Link is run by its members for its members, it is important that current members of Link have the right to approve all future applicants.


Please see the Full Membership webpage for more information on our membership scheme. 


Membership application process

Membership of Link has a number of strict requirements.  Once you have determined that you fulfil these, it is recommended that you contact the Director to discuss joining Link in advance of submitting your application.  This will allow the Director to further explain the membership application process and answer any questions you have regarding Link’s current work programme.


Applications forms are available to download from the membership page.  Once submitted to Link, your application will be circulated to all current members for their review.  If successful you will become a member of Link within two months of the date you submit your application.


For further information about the membership application process please contact the Secretariat.  


Please note that Link has the absolute right to accept or reject an application (on a vote if necessary). If an application is declined we will seek to be as transparent as possible although no explanation need necessarily be given.

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