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Associate membership

Wildlife and Countryside Link has two types of membership - Full and Associate. This page gives information on Associate Membership.


Associate membership is a time-limited membership package, available to those organisations which meet the criteria to join Link as Full Members. Current Full Members (or those who have been a Full Member in the three years prior to application for Associate Membership) will not be eligible for Associate Membership.


Associate Membership runs for a period of two years, after which Associates may choose to either join Link as a Full Member or rescind membership.  On joining as a Full Member, Associates will be required to go through the membership application process, including approval by Link’s current membership. On rescinding membership, you will not be entitled to reapply for Associate Membership for a period of three years.


Associates may:

  • participate in one Link working group or task force and/or its sub-group and receive all related information to that group
  • receive Link’s monthly e-bulletin
  • attend the AGM
  • represent Link in external meetings with the prior agreement of their selected working group or task force.

Associates may not:

  • be appointed to the Chair or Vice-Chair positions of their selected working group or task force
  • participate in more than one Link working group or task force and/or its sub-group
  • vote at the AGM or in any other elections held by Link.


All other benefits and conditions of Full Membership also apply to Associate Members. The cost of Associate Membership is 50% of the Full Member fee. The Full Member fee comprises a fixed fee (subject to an annual inflationary increase) and a variable fee element based on annual turnover of the applicant organisation.


Subscription rates for Associate Membership in 2014:

  • Fixed fee: £600
  • Variable Fee: 0.05% of the organisation's total annual income
  • Cap: £7,500
  • Divide by 2 for Associate Membership


Procedure for joining

You will need to complete an application form and send it online, by post or fax together with copies of your Annual Report, constitution and Articles of Association, and latest set of accounts to the Link office (all information you send will remain confidential within Link).


It is highly recommended that you discuss your interest in applying for membership with Link’s Director before submitting your application form.  The Director will be able to assist answer any questions you may have regarding your application for membership.


All applications are considered by the current membership. If successful, you will become an associate member of Link within two months of submitting your application form. Link has the absolute right to accept or reject an application (on a vote if necessary). If an application is declined we will seek to be as transparent as possible although no explanation need necessarily be given.


If you would like to discuss joining Link please contact the Secretariat.